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About this project:

This is the rawk project ("rawk")
Ruby awk - an awk-like stream processor that uses Ruby commands instead of awk.
From the rawk help message (rawk -h):

Usage: rawk [options] [ruby-commands] [FILE(s)]
Like 'awk' but uses ruby commands.

rawk sets up automatic variables like awk, with some differences. Listed
below, with awk equivalents in parens:
line = Input line ($0).
f[] = Array of fields ($1-$n).
filename = Name of input file or "-" for stdin (FILENAME).
fs = Field separator as a string (FS).
fsrx = Field separator as a Regexp.
nr = Total number of input records read so far (NR).
fnr = Number of input records for current file (FNR).
nf = Number of fields in current record (NF).
sq = single quote (').
dq = double quote (").
map{} = user-available map for holding values.

-b, --begin cmd Run cmd at the beginning. Like awk's "BEGIN{...}".
-c, --csv Split input lines as a CSV (respects quotes)
-e, --end cmd Run cmd at the end. Like awk's "END{...}".
-f, --command-file filename Run commands from file
-F, --field-separator fs Field separator. Default is space.
-h, --help Show this message
-n, --numeric Attempt to convert fields to numeric objects
-v, --assign var=val Assign var to val

Additional functions:
format_csv VALUES... -- Converts the list of values into a CSV.
format VALUES -- Concats values as string with a space in between.

rawk 'puts line if f[1] == "TRUE"' input.csv
cat input.log | rawk 'puts line if nf > 10'
rawk -c 'puts f[1]' input.csv
rawk -F "\t" 'puts format_csv( nr, f.values_at(0,4..nf-1) )' HotelsCom.tsv
rawk 'puts line if map[f[9]].nil?; map[f[9]] = true' cs.txt
rawk -b 'x=0' -e 'puts format "size = ", x' 'x=x+1' input.log


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